10 Facts About Orchids, Nature’s Most Mysterious Flower


The mystery of its beauty is so intoxicating that it is almost impossible not to gasp for a moment. One of the most mystifying flowers of the world is Orchids. One may think like any other flower it blooms, but it is surely not any other flower. The sheer grace and grandeur of its presence makes a statement anywhere. Be it in a deep forest or in the living room of a city home, when it blooms it steals million of hearts. Let’s have a closer look at this unique beauty.

1. Orchid Hunters :

 The fascination for orchid was at its pick during the Victorian era when the orchid hunters emerged. Men will venture into the unexplored lands for orchids around 1838 -1910.  One of the most famous Orchid Hunter was Benedict Roezl  .

orchid hunter


2. Orchids can live up to 100 years as per the documentation of Kew garden , England. These beauties can be with you for a lifetime  and more.

kew garden orchids


3. As early as 800 BC , orchids are mentioned in Chinese literature . In Japan the Samurai families or nobilities  grew orchids.

Neofinetia_falcata_Tamakongo_samurai orchids


4. Orchid have a symmetry which is very much like human face. “When someone looks at orchid it looks back at you”.

human face orchids



5. Fossilized orchid pollen was found on the back of a bumblebee. The fossil was 10-15 million years old. It established the existence of orchids million years back.


6. World’s smallest orchid is just over 2 mm.

smallest orchid


7. There are more than  25,000 documented orchids in the world  and still counting. It is the largest family of  flowering plant.





8. Orchid seeds are the smallest seeds in the world.  Thousands of seeds that looks like dust particles are found in a single pod.

orchid seeds


9. The term “orchid” was introduced by John Lindley in the year 1945. Short form of “Orchidaceae”. The genus of it is “orchis ” which means testicles in ancient Greek literature.



10.  Tiger orchids are known as world’s largest orchids. It  can grow up to 2 tons .



Let’s enjoy the beauty of these heavenly orchids.

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