10 Fascinating Facts About The Human Brain


The Human Brain – One of the most significant parts of the human body is the source of all the qualities that define our humanity. This three pound organ is the seat of intelligence, interpreter of the senses, initiator of the body movements and the controller of behavior. For centuries scientists and philosophers have been fascinated by the brains. But lately, the brain is beginning to relinquish its secrets.

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Here are some amazing trivia’s about the human brain that would surely make you ponder.

  1. The human brain is approximately 75 percent of water which can never be consumed off.
  2. Our brain was dis-proportionally large in comparison to the other organs at the time of birth. That is why babies look a bit like aliens when they are born.
  3. The brain has no pain receptors. So technically a brain surgery is not painful as one would presume it to be. This explains how brain surgery can be performed while the patient is awake with no pain or discomfort.
  4. You have something in your brain called “Mirror Neurons”. Mirror Neurons are a type of brain cell that respond equally when we perform an action and we witness someone else performed the same action. It leads to empathy in human beings. Isn’t it amazing??
  5. We often have heard about the left brain and right brain. But in reality there is no such a thing as a left brain or a right brain personality type. We are neither left brained nor are right brain but we are whole brained.
  6. The human brain is usually compared to the most powerful and advanced technology of the day. It’s been compared to a clock, a switchboard, a computer and most recently to the internet.
  7. Humans do not have the biggest brains. That honor belongs to the sperm whales with 17 pound brains.
  8. If you were drunk and do not remember what you did the last night, it is not because you forgot. While you are drunk your brain is incapable of forming memories.
  9. Do you often think that you are in control of your life? Think again. Because 95 percent of your decisions take place in your subconscious mind.
  10. Sleeping at night is considered the most ideal time for the brain. It enhances the connection between the nerve cells in the brain. In a recent study, it is revealed that the brain consolidated all the learned memories from the whole day while sleeping. As such yawning is the body’s way of cooling down an overheated brain. In addition when your brain doesn’t receive the appropriate amount of oxygen, the yawn provides the remaining amounts of oxygen to the brain.X-ray view of a man dreaming with view of brain trendingpost.com

Aren’t these facts amazing? A little, bit of brainstorming would answer it all. So pour in your thoughts on these amazing brain trivia’s.

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