10 reasons for which we must be thankful to the mothers


Mother (Maa/Mom/Aai/Ammi…many more) whatever the word is but it is the first word for every child in this world. The love, care, warmth of a mother is beyond comparison. This is the person who sacrifices her whole life for the happiness of her child and those sacrifices brings her immense happiness. Mothers are supportive at all times and she is a best friend for all the girls so that they can share all their happenings in life.No one will listen to your minute descriptions as mothers does.

Here are some moments when we need to thank this lovely lady of our lives for the immense support and sacrifice for the sake of our happiness.

1) Mothers can do miracles

When we fall sick mom is whom we need with us. Her devine love and care, all her prayers and efforts for our well being are kind of miracles which makes us fit and fine again. She always makes us understand  that all days are not the same, we must stay calm and have patience at hard times.

Sick little girl in bed. Mother with thermometer is sitting near the bed. Focus on thermometer.

2) The only cook who understand your taste buds

Mothers are unbelievable cooks, isnt’it??  The awesome meals that she has cooked for us is not comparable to any other foods. This is understood by a kid only when he/she grows up gradually .Foods made by her is always mixed with pure love.

Young mother with child making soup from meat and vegetables at kitchen

3) Mothers are teachers from the very beggining

Mothers are our first teachers who taught how to speak, read and write in spite we go to school.We owe her a huge thanks for what we can write  and what we are today.She taught us about love, compasion and fearlessness.


4) Ray of hope for things to begin

She is the one who teaches us acceptance and tolerance.Mothers are there for  throwing light in our life at all times and if required bring us back from the darkness of sorrows and failures .She is the one who can feel the pain without going through it.


5) Thank her for the staying awake till late night just for you

She stays late till night just for you to come back home safely .Safety of her child is the first priority of a mother whatever is the situation.No mother can tolerate any mishaps with her child whether it be minor one.


6) Mothers are always happy for your new start of life

Mothers  grew up their son/daughters and after marriage she will hand over her child to a new person but surely with a heavy heart still she is happy for the new start of her child. May be she holds her child’s hands for a while but their heart will be connected forever.

7) Mothers arm are the best place to cry

Cry in the arms of your mother and thank her for the immense relaxation afterwards. She is the one who will weep over our pain but silently.


8) Motherhood protection

Mothers are need to thanked for their protection of her child from begginging of birth till the end. She stand anywhere if her child needs protection against any situation.


9) A bundle of good advices and moral values

Mothers are only responsible for good advice and moral values and yes it is the first step for her child to success. She will left no stone unturned to give her child all the cultural and moral values,knowledge, ideologies etc. She always teach the importance of home and family  to her child.

A mother comforts her son outside an early childhood development preschool. Mahad, Raigad district, India.

10) Lastly, a huge thanks for being a role model for all child

Mom is a hero and so she inspires her kid to dream. Dreams to learn how to survive, dreams to be successful and dreams to fight back again even with uncountable hurdles. She is the love of all the children’s lifeROLE MODEL TP-10

The relationship of a mother and a child is incomparable to any relation in this world. Not only  a specific mother’s day is enough for saluting this lovely, beautiful and heroic lady. At each and every moment  when we feel that we owe our mother to be what we are, we need to thank her with a tight hug and thus the eternal loves continues…

Beautifully said.. “Motherhood: All love begins and ends there”— ROBERT BROWNING
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