10 Reasons To Wear Organic Clothing


Well, you may be wondering what is organic clothing! It’s clothing woven from materials grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards. It is grown with natural fertilizers and is devoid of toxic chemicals. Organic clothing may be composed of cotton, jute, silk, ramie, or wool.
Let’s find out how organic clothing benefits our health and environment.

1. No Harmful Chemicals

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Harmful chemical are not used on crops of cotton. It is good for you and nature as well.

2. Safer For Kids

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Chemical does not get into the skin, keeps your kid a safe distance from allergies.

3. Children Are Not Exposed To Toxins

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Children exposed to toxins may have severe health issues such as memory loss etc.Organic Clothing reduces children’s exposure to toxins.

4.Avoid Toxic Pesticides & Herbicides

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Pesticides and Herbicides are known to cause cancer and lot of other health issues such as Nervous System Disorder, Hormone disruption etc.

5.Fewer Allergic Reactions

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Organic clothing doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals or dyes that can irritate skin.

6. Avoid Formaldehyde

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Normally clothing is treated with formaldehyde to improve its properties. Organic clothing discourages formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is considered as carcinogen.

7. Avoid Harmful Heavy Metals

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8. Avoid Petroleum Based Products

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Petroleum-based synthetic fabrics releases toxic Fumes and may have harmful effect. Organic Clothing is breathable.

9. Prevent Death From Pesticide Poisoning

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Yearly around 200,000 die due to pesticide poisoning, hence organic clothing is should be encouraged.

10. Less Chemical Runoff

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Organic farming methods help to reduce toxic chemical runoff, resulting into fewer pollutants in our soil and drinking water.



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