10 Things To Do When You Are Home Alone !!


Home alone sounds boring. But is it really tough to get along?? We say, home alone can be fun, fruitful and exciting. Here are a list of fun things you can do to battle out your boredom and rock the party. Have a look and make sure to give it a try next time when you are left all alone at house.

1.Muffle up in cozy blanket with a hot cup of coffee.

Unable to give up the warm blanket, no worries. With a hot cup of coffee in hand and lots of blooming ideas in mind, pamper yourself and ponder on all your dreams. Call up your loved ones and keep talking for hours. Battle out boredom with silly ideas and share them wisely with old pals.


2.Browse through phone and find out favorite songs and old videos.

Scroll through your playlist and find out lost old songs. Watch your favorite movies and videos. You have got all the time in the world..why not make the most of it. Mollycoddle and indulge in a movie marathon and enjoy your favorite stars for long hours.

point23.Probably never put on pants.

Well, why not? Nobody’s around and you can roam around anywhere or just do anything in the house. Take a roll away chair and ride it throughout the house. Make a drum kit out of household items and enjoy the tunes. Put a chick flick on, make some dark chocolate and salt popcorn and pamper yourself with a face mask and sparkly nail polish.point 3-34.Time to get on with creative ideas.

Juggle out your guitar out of the shelves and create the nail biting tunes you ever imagined. Nail art can be a fancy for girls. Or drawing a tattoo and sketching on rough pages. Try to talk with your pet hoping he would speak up for you, secretly. Create a photo scrapbook and ponder upon it. Give yourself a pierce and let go of the boredom.

point45.Take a nap wherever you want and just do nothing.

Probably you want to spend your entire day doing nothing, there is no one to complain about. Jump into the couch or lay down on the floor. There is enough room for comfort.

point56.Take out your boom box and turn up the speakers.

Up for a party mood. Become your favorite animal. Shake the house and make your greatest moves. Hop on to your favorite tunes and make sure the neighbors are listening. Turn a boring day in bed into a slumber party for one..

point 67.Shower with the door knobs open and practice karaoke.

Sink into the tub and enjoy a comfortable bath for a lengthy session. Practice your best songs and try to master karaoke and be the greatest talent on earth. Show that you can rap better than the niggas and never mind, nobody’s listening! You can shout it out to the whole world, really really loud.

point78.Inventing out your greatest recipes.

Cook up your long thought ideas. Create the best dishes ever and eat it up like a beggar. Taste your flavored lolly pops and decorate your cakes to showcase at your Instagram handle. Experiment with new food ideas and write down your inventions. Just make sure you have an extinguisher installed nearby.

point89.Clean the closet and try out new outfits.

Organize your wardrobe and sort out your outfits. Polish your shoes and iron old suits. Clean up all stuff, and feel proud of your hard work. Try out new styles and invent your own fashion statement.

Girl (9-11) looking in wardrobe, hands on hips, rear view. messy closet. istock

10.Be the Social Media Junkie

Start posting in Facebook and share your intellectual opinions with your friends. Write down new blogs and try to make out a difference. Find out something which google does not have a clue. Design your new website and create new themes. Or think of your own start up and plan it out.

point10 -2

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