10 Things To Enjoy On A Rainy Day


Against the glass the rain did beat and bicker. It has been raining outside and we have no clue how to go about it. Well, just have a look at the ways we can make our day. Sometimes rainy days can be alluring and we have come out with some thrilling ways that you can relate to on any rainy day.

1. Lazy to get down from bed

When we get a glance of rain drops on the window pane, the cozy blanket tries to hug us back to sleep. The fierce drops of rainfall washing down the glass panes and the roar of the clouds is always tempting and irresistible. This is the best time to pamper our sleep and cuddle our cozy pillows.

2. Listen to your favorite music.

Be it jazz or country, be it acoustic or easy going solo songs, we love the taste of soothing music to exhilarate our minds. And then the pitter patter on the roof top invokes a sense of melody and calm. Rainy days are the best time to connect our memories and drive our motions to glimmering of ideas.


3. Make paperboats and watch them sail away.

Paper boats are great fun. Children enjoy rainy days by making tender paperboats and make them sail away with the mellow touch of the breeze. Even grown ups are fond of sailing paperboats and sometimes their naive young hearts propels us to have a quintessence of our childhood days.


4. Watch youtube videos..

Movies and video games are great way to entertain and have fun when its raining outside. It is the perfect time to catch up with youtube videos to sell our boredom or catch up with the latest movies that we have missed.


5. Good time to jot down your thoughts

Our wordsmiths make the most out of the rainy days by penning down their thoughts. The splashing sound of water and the utter silence invents brilliant ideas. The pulsating drops combines the excitement and throbbing sensation to light up ideas that can be put down to words. Writers alleviate and nourish their thoughts to cast a cloud of tales.


6. Drenching in the rain drops

The sudden pour drenches our soul and it derives a lasting pleasure. When the drizzle of rain falls on the cheeks and rolls down to the lips, it is a sensation of euphoria that exuberates and replenishes our mind. Children enjoy the wet clothes that hugs to their skin and tickles their fancy. Playing football or cricket out in the rain is fun and fascinating.


7. Time to catch up with your loved ones

While sitting idle in the bed or having nothing to do, we can catch up with long gossips with the old pals. Love birds take this fortuity to romance up their lives. Conversation with loved ones and spending time with them, is a great time of content and happiness.


8. Enjoying a warm cup of tea with hot pakoraas

Who does not love to drink a warm cup of tea? And then when you have a plate of warm spicy pakoraas in your hand, is simply mouth watering. The best ingredient of enjoying a relentless outpour is to indulge in the luxury of such a dish .But, served hot and spicy.

tea pakoras

9. Looking out to catch a glimpse of the rainbow

Observing the tiny drops of rain rolling down the window panes or waiting to catch a glimpse of the vibrant rainbow in the sky. The faint view of the stretching water drops on the glass panes and pondering about life, eventually cultivating healthy dreams and thoughts in our mind. We can derive great pleasure in the daunting precipitation, fondling with our thoughts and shaping up our memories.


10. Going out for a long drive

Long drives can be thrilling and fun when we are out in the open and heavy rain suddenly plummeting down on us. Couples often enjoy a long ride under the galloping clouds and speedy gusts of wind, bearing the courses of nature along the journey.

long drive

So after getting wet, a cozy and warm bath can be very gratifying, especially after getting drenched in the daunting precipitation. We tend to soak in tepid water and enjoy the refreshing sensation. This is the best time to indulge in a warm shower that can relax our mind and relieve stress. Experience the bliss with nature’s shower, and enjoy your rainy day.

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