11 Fish Recipes That Will Melt Your Heart


One of  the healthiest yet underrated non vegetarian food in India is fish. Unlike chicken and mutton which are considered as special delicacy for special guests, fish has remained as a mere side dish for a very long period time. Be it a sea fish or river fish, people are always skeptical about trying out a new fish recipe. We feel it is time, when we pay due respect to fish, as we owe it to our taste buds. Here are a few fish recipes from various parts of India that we should not shy away from tasting in our lifetime.

1.Assamese Fish Curry

North east of India is considered as an epitome nature’s treasure and rivers are  integral part of it. So the abundance of river fish directly contributes to the fish consumption. “Lau Bilahi Maas and khorisa  ” is a traditional Assamese recipe.To start with, the  fish is fried first,and  then  kept aside. The bottle gourd,tomato and Khorisa ( bamboo shoot fermented)are cooked with ginger-garlic paste and then fish is added afterwards with some water. Source

assamese fish curry

 2. Bengali Fish Curry

Perhaps in India, West Bengal is the only state in India that give fish the respect that it truly deserves.  The Bengali fish recipes are a global phenomenon. In every Bengali household fish recipes are prepared with so much love and care that it is impossible not to like them. “Doi Maach” is one of the most popular Bengali recipes . The fish is prepared in curd with traditional spices and after  one bite to it , your mouth will be filled with a heavenly taste you never thought it could exist. Source

2.bengali curry

3. Oriya Fish Curry

Being a neighbor, the cooking style of Bengali and Oriya people are somewhat similar , maybe the  difference is prominent only in the amount of spices that is used in the cuisines .”Machhi Tarkari” is a very popular dish in Orissa. This is very simple dish with beautiful taste. source 

3.oriya fish curry

4. Kashmiri Fish Recipe

Our beautiful Kashmir valley is not only famous for its angelic beauty but also for its mouthwatering cuisines. Kashmiri cuisine has a unique flavor of its own. “Gaad Nadur”, fish cooked with lotus stem, is one of the most popular dishes in Kashmiri  household. The most unique part of this awesome dish is, it taste better when served cold. source 

4.Kashmiri Gaad Nadur

5. Andhra Style  Fish Curry

When it comes to non vegetarian foods, Andhra is a big hit. Be it chicken , mutton, beef or  fish they  prepare it with utmost importance doing full justice to its flavour.  Here  fish curry is prepared with tamarind as souring agent with the basic masalas. source 

5.andhra fish curry

6. Tamil Fish Curry

Meen Kuzhambu , as locally known is one of the most popular fish dishes among the Tamilians. The popularity of this dish can be imagined  by the numerous  versions of this dish  that exist  in  every Tamilian household. source 

tamil meen kuzhambu

7. Karnataka Fish Curry

Being near to the sea, fish is one of the most staple diet for the Mangalorean people. This is a coconut based recipe, which adds a unique flavour to the gravy. source

karnataka fish curry

8. Kerala Fish Curry

Fish prepared with raw mango is one of the most popular dishes in Kerala during the mango season. Traditionally this is prepared with coconut oil which enhances its flavour and takes you straight to the food paradise. source 

kerala fish curry

9. Goan Fish Recipe

Goa is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to food and drinks . Relaxing beside the seashore with your favourite  food and drink,  is perfect picture for food fanatics. Fish is one of most staple food in Goa, not only for the availability  but also for the varieties of unique and mouthwatering fish dishes that exist.Pomfret Recheado is one of the most delicious dishes of Goa. The beautiful Pomfret is fried with the spices and result is one hell of a dish. source 

goan fish

10. Amritsari Fish Recipe

If we are  to select among the people of   India,who  love their non vegetarian foods Punjabis are sure to be the one that list at the top.  Amritsari fish one of the most mouthwatering fish recipes of the world. source

amritsari fish

11. Mumbai Fish Recipe

Last but not the least, Mumbai-a place surrounded by the mighty Arabian Sea has lots of delicious fish cuisines.One of them is Prawn Koliwada,a spicy fried Prawn dish made up of marinated prawns blended with special konkan coast spices. source

mumbai fish

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