14 Things People Do When They Start Going Bald


“Neighbor’s  Envy Owner’s Pride”, this tagline was perfect for your lustrous hair; suddenly you start noticing that every morning your hair brush is no longer empty. Immediately you change your shampoo thinking this is because of that. But then one day you meet a friend whom you have not met for couple of months and he says “ Hey you look different, what happen to your hair, looks like your hairline is receding ” and your  pulse rate quickens. The scary thought of going bald creeps in. The nightmare begins!!

Here are the few things that you will do.

1.Initially wholeheartedly believing that it was just a phase and hair will stop falling and will definitely grow back.

initial hairfall


2.Searching in Google for hair fall remedy.

googled hairfall remedy

3.The advertisement in the newspaper/online for balding hair will no longer be funny and you will be reading that keenly.

hair remdies in newspapers

4.Thinking about the persons who are bald in the family, which will scare the shit out of you as you have loads of bald uncles and even dad!

thinking about bald relatives

5.Keeping own hair clean and fluffy with blow drier, but then somebody will say use of blow drier weakens the hair. Hence will stop it.

Hairdryer-tongs_hairfall reason

6.Combing your hair is now a dreadful thing as you feel there is more and more hair in your hairbrush.

combing-hair less

7.Applying some home remedy as advised by Mom.  Example: Amla, curd, egg, fresh henna etc.

home remedies for hair fall control

8.Searching in Google for foods that are good for hair. Changing your food habit.

Bald-man-looking-at-the-laptop-computer for hair control foods

9.Cursing your stressful job, Experts say hair fall at an early age can be stress related also.

hairfall due to job stress

10.You will no longer find balding jokes  funny. The irony is unlike other physical deformity or skin problem; it is socially acceptable to make fun of bald people. This further angers you.

angry for hairloss


11.Feeling a bit jealous of the people around you who have good hair.

jealous with others for hair loss

12.The scariest thought is girls might not find you attractive. After all you are in your late twenties and it is high time to find an awesome girl and get married.

thinks bald not attractive

13.The advertisements of hair implants and wigs will haunt you. You’ll start thinking even celebrities  went for hair implants  as they could not stop it .

hairloss haunts

14.Finally you’ll visit the doctor.

doctor visit for hairfall



Disclaimer :  This article is only for humor and it has no intention of hurting anybody. Balding may be a very serious issue which might lead to depression. Hair loss can be very difficult for anyone. One should not hesitate to consult a counselor or therapist for his/her wellbeing.

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