15 Cultural Festivals To See 15 Different Worlds


No matter how advanced we become or how far we have walked, a major portion of us will always be defined by the cultures we belong to. Culture is a mirror where our livelihoods, our roots and traditions are reflected. And every place has a different mirror to show.
And nothing can be more fascinating in a lifetime, than experiencing the different facets, the different places of our world. So how about a little touring to those customs and their untold stories altogether?

Compared to the vast boundaries of our world, I know, anything would be less to understand its heterogeneous prospects. But I bring here 15 mesmerizing Cultural Festivals around the globe. In a way these are 15 ways to see 15 different worlds. However, numbering is merely a listing; each of them is as wonderful as the other.

1. Boryeong Mud Festival:

From the pages of history, this festival was established to promote the cosmetics that were developed from the mud flats of Boryeong. The mud is believed to be rich in minerals. This festival is now celebrated annually around the summer in Buryeong of South Korea. From a promotional strategy to becoming a world famous festival, you’d definitely love to be a part of it.

Boryeong Mud Festival-TP
2. Carnival of Venice:

With some deep roots into the Venetian culture, the Carnival festival is simply amazing. People all over the world gather to witness this larger than life festival. This annual Carnival showcases the colourful culture of Venice. And the major attraction is the flaunting of the masquerades. What can possibly be more bewitching than being a part of this whimsicality of Venice?

Carnival of Venice
3. Day of the Dead Mexico:

In remembrance of the deceased and perished ones, this festival is observed. It generally begins on 31st of October and lasts till 2nd of November. This is a Mexican culture to honour the souls that we have parted with. People bring foods, flowers and gifts for the dead ones. It is like a home coming of the souls and is definitely a beautiful way to say that the living ones care for the ones that are gone. It is one of the renowned Mexican cultures.

Women dressed as iconic Mexican "Catrinas" gather in an attempt to set a record for the most Catrinas in one place during Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico City, Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014. The figure of a skeleton wearing an elegant broad-brimmed hat was first done as a satirical engraving by artist Jose Guadalupe Posada sometime between 1910 and his death in 1913. (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte)

4. Gay Pride Parade of Amsterdam:

This one is a celebration of the LGBT people to recognize their equality. This festival covers a week and is a major public attraction in Netherlands. The specialty of the fest is of course the parade of a variety of boats. Now this is a grand way to celebrate humane equality in the world.

Gay Pride Parade of Amsterdam-TP
5. Yi Peng Lantern Festival:

Occurring in the full moon day of the second month by the Lanna Lunar Calendar, this is a festival that is beautiful beyond words. It follows the tradition of releasing thousands of lightened lanterns to the sky paying homage to the Buddha by the locals, while the tourists are allowed to air the lanterns too around a week later. And to witness the magical view of thousands of lighted lanterns covering the sky is something to look forward to.

Marina Bay Countdown 2013

6. Desert Festival of Jaisalmer:

India being a nation of varied cultures and traditions, this particular festival is totally an Indian extravaganza. From camel races, to moustache competitions to the endearing folk singing of Jaisalmer, this has to be in your bucket list. Every year this festival brings a delight for the Jaisalmer people as well as the tourists. It colours the sandy hues of the place entirely.

Desert Festival of Jaisalmer-TP

7. Snow and Ice Festival China:

It is the world’s largest ice and snow festival. It showcases large building ice blocks, skiing, winter swimming etcetera. It is observed for over a month giving a totally pleasant way to celebrate the frosty winter. So are you game for some “Chilling”?

Snow and Ice Festival China-TP
8. Tomorrowland EDM Festival:

To the music lovers, if this festival isn’t on your list then you would probably require a rechecking. It takes place in the early May in Boom city of Belgium. It is a platform for different music awards. And is a niche of dispensing cultures in the musical way!

Tomorrowland EDM Festival-TP
9. North Carolina Merfest:

This one is pretty interesting. It is a festival where people portray themselves as the mermaids and mermen. Now isn’t that enough to take you there? This is a genuine chance to become the Ariel you have always wanted to be!

North Carolina Merfest-TP
10. Glastonbury Festival:

This is another musical festival that made our list. This is a five day festival take place in Glastonbury, Somerset of England. This occurs annually and is not only confined to music but also hosts arts like dance, comedy, showcasing movies etcetera. It is a giant centre for all the contemporary arts.

Glastonbury Festival-TP
11. Winter light Festival:

Known for its advanced technological ideas and implementations, the country Japan hosts this wonderful festival of lights. Over a 7 million LED lights the Na Sato, park of Kuwana City displays the awe striking illuminating winters. This spectacular festival covers from mid November to mid March every year. It is a treat to be part of this huge and marvel bravura of lights.

Winter light Festival-TP
12. Holi Festival:

What can be more relevant than welcoming spring with colours? It is an Indian festival that has now widely spread to other countries too. With a tradition celebrating good over evil, this is one of the loveliest festivals in the world. People colour each other and welcome the spring season. In a lifetime celebrating Holi at least for once is a must!

Holi Festival-TP
13. Songkran Water Festival:

This is the most simplest of all the festivals. All you would need is a water spray and you are all set to have a blast. This is celebrated in Chiang Mai of Thailand. With this one, we all now know that to have fun water is more than enough! Hope you’re water ready!

Songkran Water Festival-TP
14. Rio de Janeiro Carnival:

Brazil is one of the most stylish countries and therefore the festival of Rio de Janeiro Carnival is the most lavish and stylish festivals of all times. With Rio Carnivals, the music, the delicious food, the street parades, this one just gets better and better. This annual festival is the life of the city as well as the entire country. If this is not in your bucket list then what is?

73595, RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Sunday February 19, 2012. Images from Brazil's Carnival in Rio de Janeiro where huge crowds came out to watch and dance to glitter and feather wearing, bikini clad women atop lavish ornate floats. **NORTH AMERICAN USE ONLY** Photograph: © VPA, PacificCoastNews.com

15. Agitagueda Art Festival:

Portugal is the proud host of this beautiful art fest. It is a unique festival where you would find the floating umbrellas around Agueda, Portugal. The bright colours of these art installations rise up the spirits of people. This festival is a collaboration of creativity and intelligence. So by July if you are visiting Portugal, you wouldn’t want to miss this smartest revelation of art, would you?

Agitagueda Art Festival-TP

And one thing is for sure; that after visiting these festivals, your life wouldn’t be the same again.

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