15 Food Items You’ve Been Cutting Wrong Your Entire Life


We all like to apply the smartest and fastest method of doing everyday work at home. But when it comes to cutting or peeling of food items, we’ve been applying the same old boring methods all the time. Here are some innovative and smart ways to cut food items that will make you wonder if you were doing it wrong your entire life.

1. Pomegranate


Cut off the top and bottom. Follow the ridges, and cut just enough to get through the skin.

2. Kiwifruit


Kiwifruit and many other fruits has a bowl built in!

3. Limes


Cut into 4 pieces like so for maximum juice!

4. Onions


Chop off the top and follow the instructions.

5. Mango


Only make sure your knife is not too sharp.

6. Cake


Cut through the middle to stop leaving two sides out to dry.

7. Artichoke


8. Carrots


9. Cherry Tomatoes


Place them between two plate bottoms and push. This is fun!

10. Dragon Fruit


As easy as Kiwifruit

11. Avocado


Same as the kiwifruit & dragon fruit! It has a bowl built-in. Awesome!

12. Watermelon


Definitely a smarter way and less messy way to enjoy watermelons.

13. Mandarin Orange


14. Squash


All you do is cut the squash in half (or in thirds, if it’s particularly big) and cut off the top and bottom so it’s flat and you can stand it on its end. Then you use your sharpest chef’s knife and quickly shave off the outer rind.

15. Hazelnuts


Boil hazelnuts in baking soda and water (2 cups boiling water to 1 cup hazelnuts and 3 tablespoons baking soda) for a few minutes then immerse them in cold water before you peel the skins away.

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