21 Fascinating Facts That We Should Know About India


When it comes to India the whole world agrees that it is fascinating, mysterious and never boring.World’s largest democracy might have some drawbacks or may not as developed as other developed countries but when it comes to its “distinctiveness” it just tops the list.It has this exceptional inherant quality which attracts outsiders like an Eve’s Apple.That is why probably India was every invaders’ dreamland.However,after every invasion India came out stronger and shined like polished diamond.In the year 1947 , 15th August India finally got independence from British Empire and from that day onwards there was no stopping.

On the eve of India’s 68th independence day we recall a few interesting moments of India’s journey through the centuries and its contribution to the modern civilization .

1.The India name believed to have come from the river named “Indus” where one of the oldest urban civilization of world Indus valley was established.




2.The first medical school of the world was originated in India in the form of Ayurveda ,almost 2500 years ago.



3.Around 700 BC, at Takshashila, mankind’s first university was established .



4.6000 years ago world’s first Navigation system was originated in the River Sindh.

navigation SYTEM INDIA



5.In mathematics, Algebra,trigonometry,and calculus were originated in India.The value of “Pi” was first calculated in India.The concept of “zero” was first invented and documented by Indians.



6.Indian’s were the first to calculate correctly the time taken by the earth to orbit the Sun.



7.Yoga and meditation are the integral part of modern world,originated in India.

yoga-indian art


8.The martial art also originated in India and later spread over the Asian countries through the travelling monks.

indian martial arts


9.The game “Chess” was originated in India.The popular board game snakes and ladder was invented in India.



10.As per record India was the only source for diamond in the world till the year 1896.

indian diamond


11.India never invaded any country in its last 100000 years of history till 1947.

history of india before 1947


12. Indian National flag was first hoisted on 7 August  1906 at Parsee Bagan square in Kolkata and 22 August 1907 it was hoisted abroad in Germany for the first time.



13.North Korea,South Korea (1945),Bahrain(1971)and Republic of Congo(1960)shares the same independence day as India.




14.The famous “Tryst With Destiny” speech of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was not his first speech as Prime Minister.He gave the speech on 14th August 1947, midnight and he became Prime Minister on 15th August 1947.

Nehrus speech


15.India’s first Prime Minister was featured in Vague Magazine.His impeccable dressing sense initiated a unique style of its own called “Nehru Jacket” which was listed as”Global fashion statement”, by the Time.

nehru jacket


16.India’s road network covers 1.9 millions miles, which is world’s largest.

indian road network


17.India has the largest postal network in the world.

india post



18.The largest civilian employer in the world is also found in India.That is our own Indian railways.



19.The record for largest number of bank branches in the world is held by State bank of India.



20.The highest Baily bridge in the world is located in Ladakh Valley was built by Indian Army.



21.The largest planned satellite township in the world is Navi Mumbai.

navi mumbai


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