5 Hobbies We Have Grown Up With No Longer Around


It does not matter whether we accept  or resist ,  our society, our values, beliefs keep changing and each new generation brings  new set of traits . Each generation brings out  new set of interest and hobbies. Here are some hobbies that were most popular decades ago are now almost obsolete.

1. Saving Newspaper Cuttings

Before the advent of internet this was one of the most interesting hobbies. Cutting the interesting news from the news paper, reading and saving them datewise,topic wise etc. were a great past time.


2. Stamp Collection

This was one of the most popular hobbies of last decade. There was a time when the postman goes  to a house,  the kids in the house  rush to check the stamp in the letter that has arrived. Almost every other kid in the block had this hobby.

stamps (2)

3. Collage Making

Had a crush on movie star or inspired by sportsman ! That is  immediately  followed by a collage and pasting the same  on your wall or book.


4.   Coin Collection

Collecting old coins, coins of different countries,  was also one of the most popular hobbies among the kids at one time. Grandparents contributed a lot to cater this hobby of their grandchildren.

coin collection

5. Pen Friend

Writing letters to somebody whom you have never met is always exciting because of the mystery quotient. Since there was no online chatting facility at that time, hence penpal came into the picture.Writing letters to  your penpal was one of the most “IN” thing among the people.

penpal letters



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