7 Things to Relate to when going for a Long Drive


Weekends ahead.. Planning for something refreshing? How about a long drive with your loved ones.

Long drives can be euphoric and soothing, can get you elated and energize up your life. It is often suggested by therapists to relax your mind and soul and bring unmatched bliss and happiness to your life. So we have come up with 7 best facts that everyone can relate to when gearing up for a long drive.

1. Wearing cool tees and shorts:

We would like to charge ahead in style. The coolest and trendy casual does actually works.  Carrying light clothes and no worry hankering about any luggage keeps us at peace. Being the best of yourself is exactly how you can enjoy a long drive session. And when we have our beloved right next to us, is it not perfect?

Shorts - TP

2. Turn up the music:

Music relaxes our mind and soul. Be it your favorite country or acoustic music, or soothing classical tracks, or even the high pumping electronic noise, music never fails to tease you. Its the time of your life to forget all worries and indulge in yourself, about the things you love and letting your dreams rise up to the clouds.

car - TP


3. Pack up your favorite snacks:

Munchies are great pass time anywhere. Carry your favorite pack of chocolate fudges, spicy wafers and butter biscuits with express lattes. Or even buy a burger while on the way.

coffee - TP

4. Selfies, of course:

Whether you are a girl or a guy, selfies are simply irresistible. When we find great spots and scenes, a quick snap is a must. The crazy goers do  find a hobby in freaky duck faces and hey, its cool !

Foto sessions - TP


5. Holding hands:

When love is in the air, some moments are priceless. Let open your heart and hold on to your loved one. Tickling with his fingers or laying down on his arms, can comfort you and alleviate your feelings.


holding hands - TP


6. Doing it out loud:

Even the best singers are unmatched when it comes to karaoke. Enjoy the time of your life, singing and shouting out loud. And do we care? Rap like a pro and show your love what you go in you.

Sing louder - TP

7. On the driving seat:

Searching for the best spot and ending up on the gateway to heaven. Or finding the much talked about cafe in town. And when the road is empty, rev up your car and drive at super speeds. Yes long drives are exciting and enjoyable, and can animate up your lives.

crazy driver - TP

Long drives are adventurous and thrilling, however you like to put it. These are priceless moments and the best therapy to jinx up your life and relax your soul. Just make sure you don’t forget to put your seat belts on.


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