8 Things That We Were Very Proud Of As Kids


There is a reason why it is said that one of the  most precious gifts of life is childhood .  Everything that we do as kids was fun, pure and honest. We experienced immense pleasure in achieving little goals that we set for ourselves as kids.  Here are a few goals that  we felt very proud of while achieving them for the first time. Let’s relive the same.

1. Learning  To  Ride Bicycle

Learning to ride the bicycle was one of the proudest moments of our childhood. First time riding  bicycle without the support wheels and showing that off to friends and family was  one of the most precious moments of our life.


2. Swimming

Every kid loves to play with water, but when the coach tries to teach only a few enjoy it. But finally when you learn it, it is worth showing off.

kid swimming

3.Roller Skating

Who doesn’t want to ride on a pair of wheels attached to the shoes. It does not matter after how much of cajoling finally you got the pair,which itself felt like an achievement. The moment you wore them for the first time you knew it’s not as easy as it looks. But after many falls and bruises you learn to skate and become good at it . You bound to feel very   proud  !!



Jumping is fun, but to jump around continuously over a rope needs practice. Who won’t be proud, if one can continuously jump without touching the rope for many times. Skipping competitions were  legendary in every neighborhood among the kids.

kids skipping

5. Learning  To Whistle

Doesn’t matter how many times you got scold by your mom because of the spits that came out from your mouth while trying to whistle , but when you got that finally all you wanna do is whistle all day. It is indeed a matter of pride as some adults also don’t know  how to whistle.


6. Bubble Gum Balloons

First time when you made a tiny balloon out of that tasty bubble gum, you were really proud. After that you just cannot stop it, the taste of the gum doesn’t matter, what  matters was whether the balloon will be big or no. Of course this is a matter of pride among the friends only, as mom  always discouraged you to do it and tell scary stories about it.

bubble gum ballons

7. Reading Comic Book For The First Time Without Adults’ Help

No more cajoling adults to read the favorite comic book, what a relief. You can read them by your own. You can read the posters in the roads. It was such a great moment, you felt liberated. You were really proud at that moment !!


8. Your First Win In School

Be it in running, drawing, quiz , musical chair or anything else, your first win in school was  always precious. The proud moment when you were given the prize , showing that to your family and all the hugs, kisses  and congratulations , were  the most prized memories of our childhood.




Lets relive the precious moments of our childhood.


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