9 Insights Only A Motorbike Rider Will Understand


The image of a biker itself is so fascinating and mysterious that at some point of time everyone wanna be a rider.It is just irresistible.It is almost every youngster’s dream to own a killer bike and zooms away with lightening speed.Those biker gears,unshaven beard with devil may care attitude,high speed;even thinking about them gives adrenaline rush.Well, you can’t blame them.But they are human as well.You can’t  take away some hard facts only bikers understand.Here Are 10 Insights That Only A  Motorbike Rider Will Understand.

1.Sore Butt  :

You seat on a chair for long hours,you invite pain on your ass.Now,think about 300 km-500 km ride on bike,your ass just burns.What you do then!Stop a while,burn a cigarette instead.Ass heals,ride continues.

sore butt rider

2. Blinded By Sun :

We have heard this many times in case of car driver but hardly from motorbike rider.When the sun is up,it shuts off biker’s eyes too.It takes away the thrill.Mate, never forget your glares.

bikers in sun

3. Cold Wind, Hot Air & Insects :

If you are a biker,you are just a step closer to the nature. Imagine when cold wind is blowing,you bang into the wind;the battle begins,the hands freeze,nose blows out;but you never stop.

bikers in cold breezes

4. Boots Soaking Wet :

Monsoon ride!It’s hell of a thrill.You speed past the rain drops;your outfit,boots soak in the water.When you stop for a break, you hear that creepy sound from water soaked boots.It’s a different experience altogether.But what if  the car before you suddenly hit the brake and  you have to plunge your feet nearby pothole; phewww!

Bikers and wet boots

5.Bugs Stuck To Your Visor:

This time that giant naughty bug trying to find your face to kiss you. But found your visor instead. It  annoys you! Hopefully, it is not a smelly bug, or else you will feel very close to the nature.

Bikers and bug problems


6. Now You Feel You Drive Your Car Better Than Others:

Now that you ride motorcycle, you feel you are a better car driver than anyone else. After all now you feel the car drivers are sloppy!

bike over cars

7. You Will Become A Bad-ass Rider No Matter What:

When you drive a car and bikes overtake you from any  side,you curse them;you morons!But,don’t you do the same moves,when you ride a bike.After all bike is supposed to ride like that.

overtaking of cars by bikers


8. Jumped A Red Light And Get Caught:

When you get caught after jumping a red light the other drivers around you will look at you in a way as if they have never jumped a red light in their entire life. Yeh Right!

featured bike riders


9. Last But Not The Least,Everything Is Worth It !:

A True rider will always enjoy everything above because  he/she knows that those are very small prices to pay for a trip on  his/her favorite ride.

Motorbike-riders dirty bikers


Enjoy A Safe Ride!

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