A Short Affair With An Elephant Left A Hatchback Shaken


In very rare circumstances only, we witness such incidents when a wild elephant rubs a car playfully. It just seems that the elephant is in a very good mood,who just wants to have a little fun and also scratch his back and since the car was nearby so thought why not make good use of this.

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Elephants are extremely intelligent animal, maybe it did not get threatened by the car hence it found the car handy to use for scratching. Even though it was presumed that the elephant was on musth; that is when there is excess amount of testosterone in male, which turns even the calmest elephant extremely aggressive, it is still a mystery why this beautiful creature  did not show any sign of aggression . Maybe it was a very lucky day for the passengers.

musth of Elephants


This happened in Pilanesburg National Park in South Africa, when an elephant decided to get too personal with parked Volkswagen Polo while leaving its two passengers scared to death inside. This whole episode left the passengers badly shaken . Even though they were not harmed yet the car was crushed , widows were broken,roof was badly dented and smashed, tires were blown and chassis broken. After getting a good rub from the car this glorified elephant left as calmly as it came.

elephant rubs itself playfully


These rare pictures are taken by the Armand Grobler, 21, field guide and lodge manager, who witnessed the incident in horror.

Armand Grobler


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