[Poem] Fading away


Something always brings me back to you.
Don’t wait for me to argue.
Across the drifts and squall,
Catching fire as the wind blows
Till the waves wash me off my sorrows.

Every tear is just one reminder of you
Wish I could give it all away.
But I am not rich enough for love
Deep deep, inside my heart,
I feel vexed with you.

Feeling of your skin carved inside my head
Enslaved by your white noise,
A thousand miles from comfort
As long I can get used to it
I am just letting you go.

Boy, that I found somebody better
Like you did never matter,
I could see the world you brought to light
But it was grainy and imperceptible.
You were a charm I need to disarm
To fade away beyond the golden sunset.


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