[Poem] Fate Of The Little Green Grass!


Little did we know…
About the fate of the lavender green grass,
Standing tall amidst the most vulnerable art of nature,
And bargaining its existence while clinging on to the weakest.

A mutiny that will manhandle the most futile forces,
The rebellious jargon, unscathed and enriched;
A stroke of life and hope, growing and blooming,
The stem first laid the pathway to wisdom.

Flickering ahead with untamed rectitude,
It slowly and steadily took form of a  prodigious tree.
Rupturing steadily through the tangles of cynicism,
It was frail, unkempt and ungroomed.

But now the tree could see the tallest of life,
Bathing the moisture and glowing in the lunar.
While touching the sky and cornering the windswept
Edging past the formidable and hostile.

Little petals of beauty in the guise of the mighty
Serene and tranquil, such is its beauty.
A beatific smile of the brave and sublime
Humbly shimmering the little known essentials of life.

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