[Poem] How Hard It could be.


All the voices that ran through my mind
Of all the thoughts I bereft,
All the little strands of wonder and happiness
Of all the humble devotions you triggered.
Colors, lights, art and sounds..
I could never mind such indecencyhowharditcouldbe-TP
Until it was so hard to find a life
But I ain’t knowing any more of you.

Though I feel light headed today
Habits are hard to fade away,
I put my ear to the euphony
Baby right here, I glaze through your body.


We rise up, up above the clouds and howling gale
And soon we tear up the skies
Blazing through the stars and mountains
We fly, fly, fly and fly..

You did crush me with your touch
I couldn’t find my way back home,nerdlove-TP
Loving all of you was not so easy
Finding all things that can keep me happy,
And now its hard to live a life you gave me
The troops laid back thinking it was we.

Oh, How happy I was!
Drawing my tune in search of you,
This distance will collapse within
And you know how hard it could be!


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