[Poem] How To Go About It . . .


If I didn’t have you, there would be nothing left.
You stood by me when no one else was there for me,
you gave me the reason to go on, so what was it?

All these light seems so grim,
But I am not scared of the dark now.
The cold blithering nights that lapse your cuddle,
The tender show of your smile and the touch of your little fingers,
Everything you had for me, and that you behold,
Is now just a compulsion in my dreams.

Your voyage into my mind drags me down.
Looking in my murky dreams to escape the forlorn
Now I know you will be the death of me, this I know.
She told me to go on, into the untold and unknown,
Yet, but we both know we can’t go without it.
Such a ruthless despair you had of me.

Never did I mind this bleak emptiness
Here I stand glum and desolate,
Contemplating the dejection and crying it out loud,
Loud enough to vent out my pensive sadness
And I know not how,

How to go about it.. ”

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