[Poem] I Don’t Feel the Butterflies


Swallowed by your raging memories,
Boarding onto the daylight,
The white shadows behind me,
And the firestones’ of deftness
Hold me back,
Cause I am the dark in need of fire. butterflies-drawings-TP

There is a world not far from here,
But I was burnt before the story could end
The night was cold and dark,
And the words wild and evil.
There is a hole in your heart
And no I cannot fix it.

Your heart died that moment,
The wild and hostile
The lost and futile
That’s when you ruled me out
Tearing down the memory lane
Shooting out for the insane,
People are watching all of you and me
But I can’t find us in the cruel world.

You were my lament tiles of shadows,
Where you shared your mind and body
But I did what I had to do,
You could catch my eyes.. I looked away.
You don’t feel the butterflies for me..no more.

I know you hear me now,
But we are a different kind,
What is left of me and you?
You were all, but love and a little lie.

As this follows.. a few words in Hindibutterfly-drawing-TP

“Tumhe chupaya tha aapne aap se,
Tumhe pyaar kiya tha kitne dino se
Uss din tum chup chap rahi,
Kuch naa kahaan aur kuch na sunaa
Bas ek yaad, ek laamha..
Jurr geya tha mujhse.
Shayad pata na chala,
Kaab aap ruth geye
Aur hume hi bhul geye”

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