16 Street Foods That Have Gone Viral All Over India


“Unity in Diversity” this line may be one of the most used lines when we describe India, but when we talk about “Street Food”, these words stand tall  as a statement .  Even though the cultures, traditions, food habits are different in each part of India, it is still amazing how even our taste buds unite us as India, the street food heaven! There are few street which are  most popular irrespective of its origin.  Let’s celebrate  the street foods that have gone so viral in India that nobody cares much about its origin.

1.Golgappa/Panipuri/Puchka :

This is one of the most loved and common street foods of India. The remarkable part is that each region has its own name for this humble looking dish. The small balloon like appearance of this dish is not very glamorous with some mashed potatoes, a non fancy looking liquid but the moment you put these combos together in your mouth, the burst of flavor will definitely throw you off balance. The phrase “Never Judge A Book By its Cover” defines Golgappas !  Each corner of India embrace it as its own and created their own twist to it.

pani puri

2. Pav Bhaji :

We Indians love our spices; this is a perfect example of it. Mixed veggis cooked and mashed with spices , on the top, raw onion , green chilli and lemon and we have a perfect dish to go with our pav.  Be it Delhi or Mumbai pav bhaji is one of the most favored dishes of India.

pau bhaji

 3.Dosas :

Over the years dosas have taken so many avatars that even our Gods will be proud of it. From traditional dosas to the culinary creations of the creators it has stroke a beautiful cord in the street food heaven.


4.Momos :

Even though addition of momos in the favourite street foods list is recent compared to the earlier three, still it is gaining popularity at a very rapid speed.  Maybe the recent  trends of eating  healthy no oil foods might have something to do with it.


5.Bhel Puri :

Well,who does not like bhel puri? Puffed rice, mixed with loads of stuffs. Well, you can of course add your favorite munch foods in it too!! But not to miss the hot and sweet chutney .

bhel puri

6. Vada Pav :

Well, this Indian burger has a place of its own. This might look as fancy as the McDonalds but when it comes to taste , it holds its ground very firmly.  Fried mashed potato balls with gram flour and then  putting the same inside a bun  mixed with layers of spicy hot chutney . One bite will surely take you to the food heaven.

vada pau

7.Aloo Chaat :

India’s love with potato never ends; this is also a potato based dish. Boiled and fried potato mixed with spices, and you will have this mouthwatering dish.

aaloo chat

8. Aloo Tikki Chaat

Here is an Another mind blowing dish from potatoes. Mashed and fried potato tikkis with sweet, sour, chili, yogurt and spices and you will have a perfect snack for an evening !

aaloo tikki chat

9. Chole Bhature:

Spicy Chole and fluffy Bhature is a perfect combo for evening outings. Even though it is believed that origin of this dish is from northern part of India, still this is  a popular dish all over India.

chole bhature

10. Moong daal Pakoda/Ram Ladoo:

Moong daal pakoda garnished with raw radish, green chutney with lemon and you’ll rediscover your  love with  street food again.

moong daal pakoda

11. Bhajji/Pakoda

This is one of the most common street foods in India, almost every city, town, village has a bhajjiwala of its own.


 12.Bread Omelette :

This is one of most popular dishes especially near colleges and hostels. Simple omelette with spices and breads wrapped around it kind of remind you of your home specially for the students staying away from home.


13. Chana chor Garam:

This is a ultimate munching delight. Fried/boiled/steamed / baked , lentils, beans, groundnut etc. mixed with spices, lemon and  peppers  are  in perfect sync with a cup of tea on a rainy day in an Indian household.

chana chor garam

14. Gobi Manchurian  and Chowmein :

These two are not Indian origin but we enjoy the same with equal gusto . Of course we have made them as our own with our own twists and turns.

gobi manchurian and noodles

15.Jaljeera/ Banta / lemon soda :

These are few drinks that give us a bit respite from hot days in India.


16. Kulfi /Falooda/Gola :

These are our own Indian version of ice cream and irresistible to people of all ages.


These are only a few street foods from the celebrated lot .

Let’s pay tribute to these  yummilicious foods!!

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