Things We Face When Mom Visits Us


Living far away from home,  home food, the carefree lifestyle  seems to be one of the most craved aspect of our life now a days. That’s why when that “Home” comes to stay with us we enjoy it to the fullest. Yes our childhood home comes back to  our day to day busy lives  when mom visits us. Here are the few things that we do or rather don’t do when our mom visit us.

1. Not Waking Up On Time :

Reaching office on time, waking up on time has been a habit even after partying late. But suddenly all these go out of the window, when mom is there. Suddenly we turn into that same obnoxious kid all over again, mom has to shout at us to get out of bed, take bath, eat breakfast etc etc. Old habits  that  remain dormant for a while resurface  when mom visits .

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2. No Junk Food :

No more last minute maggie or fast food while coming from office. Suddenly our non functional kitchen becomes super active. Waking up to aroma of food is a true luxury then only we realize it.  The greatest relief is reaching home and hot cup of tea and snacks is waiting for you. When we were growing up home cooked foods were simply boring, but now they are the best.


3. No Household Work

It does not matter whether we are organized or disorganized when alone, but when mom comes we just stop cleaning up, organizing, dusting, laundry etc etc. That is again totally mom’s department.



4. No Wild Partying

Late night partying with friends or weekend hangovers are strict no. Suddenly your obnoxious friends will put their best foot forward and will be so nice to your mom that after they left you will have to hear lecture from mom about how decent those are  compared to you.



5.Visit To The Temple

Of course there will be many trips to the temple along with the various sightseeing.

visit temple


6.Prospective Bride/Groom list

Mom doesn’t come alone, with her prospective bride/groom list will also come.Specially  if you are single and of marriageable age. She will totally ignore your logical arguments for late marriage, of course she will not hesitate to play the emotional card also.

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7. Silly Fights With Mom

We don’t fight or argue with anyone like the way we argue  with our mom. Silly illogical fights, your tantrums,her idiosyncrasies or   teaching her to use the smartphone that you have gifted her and getting frustrated over it , are the moments that we might not cherish at that moment, but you will once she goes back home.



Our mom is the best gift that we can ever have. We are always her first priority and also her little baby all throughout her life. Cherish your moments with mom always.

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